Quran in Ms Word Version 2.2 Release

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Assalamu’alaykum Warohmatullohi Wabarakatuh.

Alhamdulillah Quran in Ms Word Version 2.2 Release.

Download from Download tab.
Make sure, already uninstall previous version from control panel add/remove program and close all office application.
Run the setup.

Please report any bugs.

Thank You,


M. Taufiq

Ramadhan 1434



  1. Moh. Matuh Mulyadi

    Thanks 4 you’r post

  2. ibnu syamsun

    mas ane izin menyebarkan di blog ane yah, ke temen-temenyang lain

  3. Taufiq (Author)

    SIlakan saja semakin disebarkan semakin bagus….

  4. dalyasin

    Terima kasih, Mas Mohamad Taufiq. Ya Allah limpahkan rahmat kepadanya ….

  5. GUEST

    good job. its works nicely on word 2013. thanks

  6. alimuddin

    maaf gan cara downloadnya gimana? tolong saran dan jawabannya

  7. Indra Diputra

    Jazakallah Mas Taufiq…saya izin download dan posting di FB….

  8. z g

    I installed quran word 2.2 but it is not showing up in office 2013 on windows 7. Help please

  9. Aishah

    I can’t see the add-on in word 2007 after I install the quran word 2.2 . pls advise….

  10. Ikhwan

    Thanks for Your post. Wish to use your product within my work. Thanks. Semoga Allah membalas amalannya.

  11. wahyu subekti

    Terima kasih banyak untuk mas Taufiq, semoga Allah SWT membalas amalannya dengan berlipat ganda.
    Untuk yang tidak bisa menginstall ke Office 2013 + windows 7, perlu dilihat apakah versi office dan windows anda 64 bit atau 32 bit. Windows 7 saya 64 bit, gagal dengan installer 32 bit, saya coba dengan yang 64 bit dan Alhamdulillah berhasil.

    To those of you who fail to install, maybe your windows or office version is 64 bit, if so then try to run the 64 bit installer

  12. User

    Why you use from gmail and google for download and email. google & Yahoo & facebook & …. are bigger enemy for Quran and Islam. the use of this site and led to a rise in the price of their shares. Click on any of these sites, such as the transfer of some money to their accounts. the nature of the Zionist entity or tendency to the Zionist entity in their operators. In conclusion of their investments for the killing of sedition, the battle against Islam and Muslims. Today, a Muslim is aware of the need to in front of the enemies. For that to serve the enemies. thanks.

    چرا شما برای این سایت قرآنی از google و Gmail استفاده می کنید؟ سایتهایی مثل google و Yahoo و facebook وسایتهایی مثل این سایتها بزرگترین دشمنان اسلام و قرآن هستند. استفاده از این سایت و منجر به افزایش ثروت و قیمت سهام آنها می شود. هر کلیکی در این سایت ها, مانند انتقال مقداری پول به حساب هایشان است. ماهیت صهیونیستی یا گرایش به صهیونیست در گردانندگان این سایت ها وجود دارد. در نتیجه سرمایه های آنها برای کشتار، فتنه و مبارزه علیه قرآن و اسلام ومسلمانها می شود.

    امروز یک مسلمان نیازمند آگاهی است تا ناخواسته در جبهه دشمنان قرار نگیرد. برای اینکه ناخواسته به دشمنان خدمت نکند. با تشکر.

  13. user

    correction: Today , a Muslim requires awareness, for not serving enemies ( unwittingly). for not serving enemies


    Terimakasih mas Taufiq, semoga tambah barokah dan manfaat. Aamiiin.

  15. Shaheen

    Assalamoalaikum wr wb brother Taufiq you have done a wonderful job one of the best i have ever come across.

    Creating a Quran software which installs into Microsoft Word is a master piece of work.
    I realy appreciate your work may Allah make this as a sadaqa jaariya for you.

    I have no words to praise your work and thank you i can only say JazzaakAllahokhair.

    wa salamoalaikum wr wb
  16. lita maisyarah desy

    terimakasih aplikasi gratisannya pak. semoga menjadi amal jariyah. aamiin

  17. Abdelmalik

    As-salam ‘alaykum
    Thank you so much for your work I was currently using it on Word 2010, unfortunately it is no more showing up in office 2016 on windows 10. Help please


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