Quran in Ms Word Version 3.0 Release

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Assalamu’alaykum Warohmatullohi Wabarakatuh.

Alhamdulillah Quran in Ms Word Version 3.0 Release

Requirement : Office 2010, 2013 & 2016 (2003 & 2007 next one month)

New Feature :
1. Word by Word Translation (Currently Indonesia & English)
Contact me if you want make other translation.
2. Root of word’s Quran
3.Use border for Quran
You can add other border. Just add file.. on Data/border/*.*
4. Add bracket
5. Search by root of Word’s Quran
5. Insert Islamic Symbols

Download from Download tab.

Run the setup.

Please report any bugs.

Thank You,


M. Taufiq

Ramadhan 1434



  1. julian

    waktu di klik Write to Document.. di awal ayat muncul huruf “A”

    office 2010, 32 bit

  2. Ibrahim

    Wa alaykum salamu’ Warohmatullohi Wabarakatuh.

    Big thanks you for this work

  3. nazz

    tak boleh download. apa sebab?

  4. bofir wibisono

    Wa’alaykumsalaam warahmatullaahi wabarakatuh.

    Alhamdulillaah, Syukron brother. Jazakallohu khoir.

  5. idochi

    Syukron.. Jaza kallohu khoiro.. Sangat berguna sekali..

  6. MySof

    Sangat berguna. Tahniah dan terima kasih!

  7. A Rehman

    Your work is highly appreciated for that I cannot thank you enough. Kindly give some step by step instruction to download and keep it working. I did my best but even hours and hours of reinstalling and deleting could not make it work in word 2016. Please hlep!

  8. sari

    Sangat membantu dan berguna. terima kasih


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