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The translation only text file. You can create by yourself. Every file should consist of 6236 line /ayah.

English Muhsin Khan
Author Mohamad Taufiq | File size 62.67kB | Last modified Jul 23, 07:36 PM | Download count 1699

Revision Malay translation. For anyone who download setup before 24 july 2013. Update with the new one.
Don’t forget to delete file with extention “idx”

Category setup | Author Mohamad Taufiq | File size 1.36MB | Last modified Jul 24, 09:42 PM | Download count 2425

You can add other translation. The easy way download from choose plain text without ayah and surah number.

put in c:\program files\quran in ms word\translation


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Choose with refer Office bit not OS bit…
If the OS Ver 64 bit but Office ver 32 bit so choose 32 bit…

office version 32 bit

office version 64 bit


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